All of us want to be connected at all times

Our collective addiction to our mobile devices is not new. What have changed are the customers’ expectations. In short: your clientele wants to be connected anywhere and everywhere, but their smartphones run out of power very often.

On the other hand, your staff tries to meet the customers’ demands but they must leave devices unattended and exposed to damages and theft. Fulfilling these requests interfere with their already busy routine. What to do then?

Chaos Free is the solution to your problem

Chaos Free will increase your customers' satisfaction and your business revenues


Offer to your guests the opportunity to charge and keep their mobile phones at a glance at all times


Your guests stay longer at your place and they will likely increase their consumption


Chaos Free can be self-financed through advertising revenues from your vendors’ brands


We will provide customer service and training to your staff to sucessfully implement our solution

Who are our customers?

Chaos Free is the new service standard for the hospitality and leisure industry, because shortly your customer will expect to find a smart charging solution everywhere he goes.




Pub & Bars


Lounges & Waiting areas


Gyms, Spas & Sport arenas

Chaos Free Community

With the leasing contract, your establishment enjoys all the benefits of belonging to a growing community of other establishments interested in improving their customer experience. When you sign in, you will have full access to our growing communities of followers on Facebook and Instagram, and also to media exposure, marketing and logistic support, collaborative and sponsored advertising, among other privileges.


What smart phones can be charged with Chaos Free chargers?

Our chargers can supply power to iPad tablets, iPhone 5 and above (Lightning connector), and most Android devices (Micro USB connector). If you require additional connectors for iPhone 4 or other models we can provide them. Please note a PC cannot be charged due to the Amps limit.

How quick will a smart phone be charged with a Chaos Free Disc?

One of our discs will charge your phone from 0% to 100% in 45 minutes. A disc has enough power to charge fully two phones from 0 to 100% before it has to be put at the recharging dock again.

How long does it take for a battery pack to be fully charged again?

Recharging time varies according to the model. On average one of our units will take from 60 to 90 minutes to be fully charged in its dock.

Can I charge multiple batteries at once?

Yes. Our Chaos Free Disc and Chaos Free Table models come with charging docks allowing you to charge simultaneously 4, 5 or 10 battery units.

Is this product safe for my guest’s phones?

Our products have all the required certifications to be used confidently by your guests including Apple MFI Certification, FCC, CE, and RoHS certificates.

What is a battery pack lifetime? Will it reduce its charging power over time?

Cycle time for charger is 300 times, after this point battery capacity is equal to 80%. We calculate that with intensive use in a bar or a restaurant lifetime is around 24 months.

Is Chaos Free an ecofriendly solution?

We take care of recycling our battery units properly at the end of their shelf-life, thanks to our partnerships with specialized third parties.


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